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Massage in Ibiza

This is Camilla, your sexy and extremely expert lady masseuse in Ibiza. Ask us more details about her job on the phone!

FAQs about Hotel massage in Ibiza

We will be happy to answer any kind of question you might have on the phone. If you can find the answer here it might help you refine your question or make it even more specific.

Please check all of the frequently asked questions, from payment, currencies to naked massage.

Massage is sex?

Massage is not sex. But our approach to massage is a quite sexy one.

Our kind of massage is erotic. Meaning it will sexually excite you to even higher limits than regular sex.

Advantages of massage over sex are many: longer session times, stimulating your whole body and not just your intimate parts...

If you desire a service beyond erotic massage please call us. We'd like to help you anyway!

24 hours?

Yes, we work 24 hours from Monday to Sunday. Please book with some advance because after 10 PM we are usually booked out. We close the phone line at midnight.

Taxis included?

We try to include as many things as possible in our premium service to hotels. Taxis are included in the city of Ibiza.

Please understand that traveling to locations outside Ibiza city as Platja d'en Bosa, Santa Eularia, Sant Antoni or other locations need an additional fare for taxis back and forth. We can discuss this on the phone.

Serving yachts?

Yes, we do serve yachts. We have been serving luxury yachts since 2011. Our service is equally discreet.

Spending the night?

One of our masseuse ladies is open to spend the night with you. Please call us to find out specific details about this special service.

How is the payment?

Payment is always cash. You might pay the lady before the massage session so you forget about this stuff after the massage, when you are so relaxed and full of peace and satisfaction.

Accepting other currencies?

We accept euros and United States of America dollars. Rate for US $ exchange is 1.4 times for 1 €.

Are the ladies naked?

During the massage the ladies can be naked depending on the massage menu you request. Please have in mind that each of the ladies has different personal limits.

Naked is only the 230 € extremely massage and higher, plus a tip you might discuss with the lady.

The relaxing 150 € and the medium erotic 180 € massage menus can be offered naked for an additional tip you might discuss with the lady.