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Ibiza sex massage 2015
Massage in Ibiza

Our female maseuses are serving Ibiza's best hotels and most exclusive luxury apartments and fincas.

Sex massage in Ibiza

Sex massage is the trendiest massage service these days in Ibiza. It is a sexual kind of massage service in which you are allowed to ejaculate and orgasm.

2017 is the year of sex massage in Ibiza. Don't hesitate to try it. You don't want to be the last to know what it is about —and what an amazing pleasure it means to you!

Sex massage goes a bit further than therapy massage. It is not a regular massage. Sex massage is considered as a non-legitimate style of massage.

Limits of sex massage

Sex massage is about giving you all the sexual excitement to you only using oriental erotic massage techniques. And the final pleasure of cumming, enjoying an amazingly strong and long orgasm with abundant ejaculation.

The sex massage is just for you. Our masseuses are performing the bodywork for your enjoyment only.

Sex massage does not mean that the lady is going to perform oral sex or penetration.

If you are interested in a more intense sexual massage please let us know on the phone or sending an explicit SMS message. Cristina will be very happy to serve you crossing some red lines.

Sex massage Ibiza 2017

Mey, Gala, Camilla, Denise and Luna are serving hotels in Ibiza. They also serve luxury apartments and fincas.

All of them are very expert and will perform your best sex massage ever.

Dare to enjoy it! Treat yourself to this amazing new kind of massage!

24 hours from Mo-Sun sex massage

We are serving the 24 hours time range from Monday to Sunday. Please be smart and book ahead of time. We are usually booked out.

The best time to call us is from 10 AM to 11 PM: around 10 PM we start to be booked out. So plan ahead and don't risk it! You can also make a reservation for the next day. We know Ibiza is not very much about planning, but this service is really worth it!

Send us a SMS asking for sex massage

We usually answer SMS messages asking sex massage immediately. Please send all your information about your location and we will confirm as soon as possible.

Depending on your location on Ibiza we will be there in 30 to 90 minutes.

In-call at massage studio

All of our masseuses have a place to welcome you a place if you prefer to travel to a studio to enjoy your sex massage. Please plan ahead so we can set up the proper place for you to enjoy your best sex massage ever.

Cristina is serving sex massage in Ibiza 2015
Massage in Ibiza

Cristina is a very daring sex masseuse. If you deal smartly enough with her you can achieve her crossing many a red line during your sex massage.


Cristina is an extremely sexy young lady. She is serving sex massage in Ibiza during the summer 2014. Don't miss the chance to discover right now how pleasing she can be!