Erotic massage in Ibiza Erotic massage in Ibiza Erotic massage in Ibiza Erotic massage in Ibiza Erotic massage in Ibiza Erotic massage in Ibiza Erotic massage in Ibiza Erotic massage in Ibiza
Erotic massage Ibiza and sex massage


Relaxing massage

Price: 150 € — 60 minutes

Medium erotic massage

Price: 180 € — 60 minutes

Extremely erotic massage

Price: 230 € — 60 minutes

Price: 280 € — 75 minutes

Price: 330 € — 90 minutes

Price: 460 € — 120 minutes

Massage in Ibiza

All of us masseuses have an amazing wisdom when it comes to give and share eroticism.


We master tantric postures to share sensual body contact with you.

One masseuse for a couple

Extremely erotic massage

Price: 330 € — 60 minutes

Price: 495 € — 90 minutes

Price: 660 € — 120 minutes

Massage description

Each massage therapy has its own description. They are different in erotic intensity, increasing from relaxing to extremely erotic. It's your choice!

Relaxing massage

It is a relaxing massage to empty your mind. Your lady will use her hands, forearms and some body to body massage. Including happy ending.

Medium erotic massage

This therapy is the middle erotic intensity. It is a spicier massage with the choice of anal and prostate stimulation. Including happy ending.

Extremely erotic massage

Our most intense, intimate and most sexual massage. We will use all of our body, also legs and feet, and our sexy breasts. Longest time of body to body massage. Including happy ending and erotic shower.

Massage prices in Ibiza

We all share these 9 different massage therapies or "menus". This way you will surely find the one that matches your preferences.

Price is depending on session time length, on individual or couple massage and on erotic intensity.

Session time lengths

You can choose among 55 minutes, 75, 90 minutes and 120 minutes sessions. Prices are proportional.

Individual massages

Individual massages means we will perform a massage on one person —you.

Couple massages

You and your sweetheart can share Mey, Camilla, Gala or Luna. Any of them will work on both of you at the same time. Price is 1.5 times the individual price of Extremely Erotic massage.

You can also choose to order Mey and a second therapist. Choose among Gala, Camilla and Luna for your spouse.

4-hands massages

Mey can give you an astonishing 4-hands massage. It is like penetrating a tunnel of hands, breasts and bodies that are stimulating almost all of your body parts at the same time. Amazing huh!

Mey plus Camilla, Gala or Luna, in any combination you wish.


Transportation (taxis or cabs) are not included in the service. Please contact us to ask. Transportation costs may vary according to your location.

After 11 PM

After 11 PM the amount of requests for massage are astonishing. Please understand that after this time we will offer you the 2 best one hour massage menus of 180 € and 230 €.

And of course the 75, 90 and 120 minutes sessions.

24 hours Mo-Sun

An SMS message is the easiest, fastest and most efficient booking method. Please send all your information and we will confirm immediately. Double check address numbers. Depending on your location we will be at your door in 45 to 90 minutes. It depends on traffic conditions and also on the location we are serving at the time of your request.

Massage at 3 AM

Yes we can do it. Mey, and Gala and Camilla. We need a formal booking before 9 PM to serve any massage service after 11 PM.

In-call at massage studio

Gala and Mey can also serve you at their professional and nicely decorated massage studio. Please understand you need to make a reservation for one of the suites and we need to make sure it is available.

For in-call reservation you will need to make an appointment for the next 90 minutes.f