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We frequently receive many comments after finishing our service. The star among the best reviews is always Mey. Not in vain her professional, passionate and expert erotic massage is tagged as one of the best in Europe. And in the world, since she is serving amazed Asian, Arabic and American customers. They all end the session jaw-dropped.

Massage at Ushuaia

I was hosted at Ushuaia and was offered a 500 € massage. It seemed a bit pricey to me so I searched the internet and found out that you are offering an even better service for half the price. And your ladies are stunning! My friend has had many Tantra massages before and he claimed these ladies Lidia, Mey and Camilla are the best erotic masseuses he has ever seen and enjoyed. My compliments! Best price and best quality!

Best reviews massage staff

All of the masseuses and masseurs working with us get incredible testimonies and reviews. We only work with the best lady masseuses and masseurs in Ibiza.

These are just a small amount of reviews.

About Gala

"I have tried other masseuses in Ibiza during the last 4 years. Gala is astounding. The word "quality" is a too small one to describe her talent and what she is able to give in a massage."

Reliable service

"The guy o the phone told me exactly how long it would take for the lady to knock at my door. I wanted her to be earlier but this guy said "I cannot lie to you". I appreciate honest information. And the service exceeded my expectations by far. Amazing massage!"

Ushuaia erotic massage service

"I was shocked when the hotel staff offered me this intimate massage service. So intimate that i was clearly sexual. This is not legal in my country. I indulged though, guts over-riding brains. Really bad massage though! Expensive and really bad. Then I searched the web to compare prices of other similar services... and to get some needed sexy inspiration. I found you and I ordered Mey, this sexy young Spanish beauty I fell in love with at the first glance. She was a zillion times better that the hotel service clumsy chick. And her price was absolutely fair!"

Best massage ever

"I have had so many massages in so many different places around the world. Sometimes I even feel bored while receiving it. This lady, I guess Camilla, is the best masseuse I have ever enjoyed. Excellent and really hot bodywork!"

Camilla beauty

"Camilla should be an actress. In Hollywood or anywhere. She has this amazing looks, this amazingly sexy sweet voice. And her body! I am a fan of tattooed women, and she has one of the nicest ink-works on her back. We clicked from the very start, and the massage resulted in a jaw-dropping experience. Feeling and seeing her has been a blast. Recommended!"

Quality erotic massage

"Usually I order such a massage when I feel horny. Most of the times the lady is tacky and rushes me to shooting a bit too fast. Mey instead took her time and I had the certainty she wanted me to enjoy each and every minute of the session. Her job is about quality. Quality can be sexy, and she masters it!"

Erotic shower?

"As soon as this lady told me we still had some time to shower together I instantly felt horny again! I didn't know this was included in an erotic Tantra massage! Wonderful!"

Sex in Ibiza

"Ibiza is too much about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Definitely not my chord. I did not want to order a sexual service too much on the gross side, because sometimes those online services are able to fool you. I trusted the descriptions on the website instead and that's is exactly what I got: an amazing service. Elegant and discrete ladies, professional masseuses and a really nice and warm personal experience.

Massage at the "finca"

"Fincas are nice but can be boring. My buddies and me were sitting on the edge of the pool when someone brought up the subject of erotic massage. We all got horny so we just googled it. You can have it here on this paradise island! Your website came up and we called you. Thank you for this amazing service! We ordered you three times in a row. We enjoyed it so much that we got addicted!"

Bachelor party in Ibiza

"The bachelor was not very much into wild sex. He must have had his reasons. So we ordered erotic masseuses to come to our finca. That was a great choice. These ladies are gorgeous, sexy, and really know how to do their job. We had a really great time!"

Visiting my yacht

"I don't like escorts. Your Cristina lady is the perfect in-between of a lady masseuse and an open minded young girl. Excellent massage and excellent "little sumthin' sumthin'" she can also do —discretely. My compliments to your amazing service!"